Methoni Beaches

- Methoni's Beach

Just down the coast road is the beautiful beach of Methoni . It consists of small pebbles and sand, and you can enjoy the sun and sea with magnificent view to the castle . Its clear blue waters have been awarded with the European Blue Flag. Worth visiting the mystic pool of Methoni named Asprades. Ask any local.

- Ammos Beach / Sapientza Island

The beach Ammos is unique coast of Sapienza, one of three islands in the cluster of Messenian “Oinoussai”. The view to the Peloponnese and Methoni, is extremely beautiful. Located one mile from Methoni with which is connected through boats, which make daily trips to the island. The beach has no tourist facilities and other amenities. The waters are crystal clear, as well as the coast. It is ideal for those who wish to swim in unspoiled touristic locations.

- Lamps Beach

On the road from Methoni to Finicounda you can meet two lovely beaches. The first is the Lamps of Methoni which is paved with pebbles. This is a deserted beach , which is ideal for those who enjoy quiet swim. The second is the Lamps of Phiniki Village . It is a lively beach , covered with sand and crystal clear waters.

- Maurovouni Beach

Next to Foinikounta there is a lovely sandy beach , named Maurovouni which attracts many visitors. The beach is organized and has beautiful crystal clear waters. Here you can also do water sports. Above the beach there are schools for water sports , camping, taverns and cafes.

- Anemomylos Beach

Anemomylos beach, or Charoupia beach or else Makrynammos beach is the most popular beach in Finikounda. Fine golden sand on the shore and crystal clear blue waters that have been awarded with the European Blue Flag. The beach is organized with sunbeds and umbrellas and several sport activities.

- Finikounta Beach

In Finicounda a village 10klm from Methoni you can also find a lovely beach . This is a small beautiful beach with crystal clear waters. Above the beach you will find many cafes and tavernas.

- Beaches Loytsa - Tsapi

After Finicounda there are two sandy beaches with also crystal clear waters, named Loytsa and Tsapi.

- Marathi Beach

On the site of Marathi, there are actually two beaches: the Small and Big Marathi, which are both really beautiful and as remote as necessary in order for the visitors to secure their privacy. Both beaches are easily accessible by the central road: after passing past Foinikounta you should follow the route towards Tsapi Beach (there is a relevant sign as you are on the main road heading to Koroni) and then, at the first crossroads, you should follow the dirt road which leads to the two beaches. Marathi is also accessible by sea; it would be really nice if you took a little boat and sailed there from Foinikounta! It would also be wise to have all the necessary supplies with you, mainly water and food. In August, a three-day youth festival is being held in this very spot!

- Voidokoilia Beach

Perhaps the most famous beach in Messinia . characterized by unique natural beauty and shape refers to the Greek letter O. Located lakeside Yalova , just 10km north of Pylos . The beach has been named as ' place of unique natural beauty "and protected by the network Natura 2000.

- Beach Romanos

Located about 2km North of Voidokoilias Beach and is accessible from north and south. Besides the beautiful scenery , the sandy beach and the blue waters of the beach Romanos is popular for its abundance of small turtles visiting the beach to lay their eggs.



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