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Enjoy unique holidays in a historical place, near the Great Medieval Fortress of Methoni

We welcome you to a pleasant stay at our beach hotel literally by the sea of the greater Messinian bay, one of the most picturesque locations of the Pelloponese peninsula. Our accomodation also include full bufet breakfast, excellent menus for lunch and dinner served in our "Veranda Cafe" offering a magnificent view of the sea and the castle. While you enjoy your sunbathing literally by the wave, you can have delightful cocktails and snacks from the beach bar which operates all day long.

We organise all sorts of happennings from wedding parties to any kind of celebration buffets.

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Methoni Beach Hotel

It doesn't get closer to the Sea than this

The premises are located just 20ft away from the sea. You can literally have your vacation by the wave!

Best location in the Pelloponese Peninsula

The hotel is built in the southern western foot of the peninsula, a windless spot with sandy beaches and crystal waters.

Full Package

We provide rich breakfast and you can also have lunch and dinner on premises. During the day, cocktails and snacks are served from our beach bar.

Historical Hotspot

Just 30ft away is the infamous Methoni Medieval castle. A blend of Venetian and Greek history for you to discover!

Our many years of quality service in numbers

We are proud of our rankings as they depict our commitment to quality accommodation. We value each and every opinion and will work hard to improve our services.

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Heavenly view and surroundings

The hotel is located in an amazing spot by the sea, just a couple of meters from the castle. Feel free to explore our photography through deticated galleries below.

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