You must visit:

  • Ancient Messene. Messene is a significant ancient city in terms of its size, form, and state of preservation, and still has much to offer. 
  • Neda River. Αmidst the peaks of Mt. Tetrazio, at the northern end of Messinia, Neda, the only female-gender river of Greece, flows towards the gulf of Kiparissia.       
  • Polilimnio. In the municipality of Voufrada, 32 kilometres away from Kalamata there is the canyon of Polilimnio with its lakes and waterfalls.
  • Troupakis Mourtzinos´ castle. Was built on 1807, and consists of a bulding complex, into which resides the older temple of st. Spiridon.
  • Messinia Archaeological Museum. The building which replaced the old Market was given by the Municipality of Kalamata to the Ministry of Culture in order to become an Archaeological Museum.


Methoni Beach Hotel

Methoni Beach Hotel (formerly xenia) is a traditional stone building recently renovated.

It is situated by the sea, on the moat, next to the entrance of the famous methoni’s fortress.



T (+30 27230) 31555 

Methoni Beach Hotel
Beach - Methoni Castle - Messinia 24006


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