Messinia is one of the most beautiful prefectures in Greece. Its landscape consists of endless coast line and large mountains, and it´s for certain that there are many surprises for you, as long as you have the mood and the time to explore it.

In this chapter we present you with the most interesting destinations in Messinia, according to their geographical position. A practicable method to approach Messinia from a traveler’s point of view is by taking into consideration the central road axes.

This way, Messinia can be divided in 4 territories:

  1. Kalamata - Mani - Taygetus - The area that includes Kalamata, the capital of Messinia, and all the area east of Kalamata, which belongs to the wider area of Mani
  2. Central Messinia - The area of Northwest Messinia, which is consisted from villages only 
  3. North-West Messinia - The area that includes the small cities of Kiparisia, Filiatra and Gargaliani
  4. South-West Messinia - The south area of Messinia, which includes the small cities of Pilos, Methoni and Koroni


Methoni Beach Hotel

Methoni Beach Hotel (formerly xenia) is a traditional stone building recently renovated.

It is situated by the sea, on the moat, next to the entrance of the famous methoni’s fortress.



T (+30 27230) 31555 

Methoni Beach Hotel
Beach - Methoni Castle - Messinia 24006


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